What’s Roller Derby?

Roller derby first started in Chicago, USA in 1935. Initially an endurance race, roller derby’s reputation grew in the course of the Nineteen Forties right via to the Seventies, gaining a reputation for being tough and aggressive Gamers and teams also developed famously intense rivalries. By the 80s, theatrical elements were devised just like skilled wrestling, and eventually, the public curiosity waned. Nonetheless, basic roller derby never utterly disappeared. Just a few groups remained energetic after the sport’s decline, and some leagues formed to keep the traditional co-ed format alive. A current, sudden explosion in roller derby’s reputation has centred on new flat-track leagues.

The primary of these leagues fashioned in Austin, Texas in the early 2000s. Since then it appears a new league is forming every couple of weeks someplace else in the world. Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby is likely one of the fastest rising sports on the planet!

The Gamers

There are 14 gamers per staff, 5 of whom are on the oval-shaped track at anyone time. On track, every team consists of a jammer and four blockers, considered one of which is called the pivot.

The Jammer is the point scorer. This skater might be recognized by the star on their helmet cover.

The Pivot is the pacesetter for each team. This skater might be identified by the stripe on their helmet cover.

The Blockers make up the rest of the pack. It’s their job to help their jammer through the pack while concurrently stopping the other crew’s jammer.


Each game, or ’bout’ is made up of two 30 minute halves, made up of 2 intervals called ‘jams’. The blockers skate in a counter-clockwise direction in a pack formation, with the jammers starting just behind them. It’s the job of the jammer to speed by the pack. Blockers use full contact hits (or ‘blocks’) to try and stop them. On their initial pass by, neither jammer scores any points, though the primary to break by means of the pack is awarded ‘lead jammer’ status. On their second pass by, the jammers rating some extent for each blocker they pass with out committing any penalties. The jammers can then lap the pack as many instances as possible in 2 minutes, or until the lead jammer calls off the jam by placing their hands on their hips. The group with probably the most points at the finish of the bout wins.

Guidelines & Penalties

While submit roller derby name derby is a full contact sport, there are very specific guidelines about the place gamers can be hit and which body elements can be utilized to hit other players with. These include: no elbows, no tripping, no back blocking (hitting another participant within the back), no reducing track (going out of bounds to get in front of one other player) and no fighting. A referee will call a penalty when observing violations of the rules.

Gamers who commit a penalty are sent to the ‘box’ for thirty seconds, leaving their teams quick a participant: a selected risk when that participant is a jammer – a scenario normally called a ‘power jam’.